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December 2006 issue of Swimming World Magazine

Contents of The December issue:9 TECHNIQUE: Butterfly: Initiating the Breath 10 THE TOP 10 PERFORMANCES OF 2006 by John Lohn 14 2006 WORLD BEST BY EVENT 16 WORLD SWIMMERS OF THE YEAR 18 FEMALE AMERICAN SWIMMER OF THE YEAR 19 MALE PACIFIC RIM SWIMMER OF THE YEAR 20 EUROPEAN SWIMMERS OF THE YEAR 22 AFRICAN SWIMMERS OF THE YEAR 24 OPEN WATER SWIMMERS OF THE YEAR 24 WATER POLO PLAYERS OF THE YEAR 54 LONG COURSE RECORDS 56 WORLD AND AMERICAN RECORD PROGRESSION departments: 6 A VOICE for the SPORT 28 HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE 52 FOR THE RECORD 58 CALENDAR 62 PARTING SHOT In the Swimming Technique portion of the magazine you will find the following:39 Q & A WITH COACH LARRY LIEBOWITZ by Dave Denniston 42 HOW THEY TRAIN: Saori Haruguchi by Larry Liebowitz 43 TIME FOR A CHANGE by Kari Lydersen USA Swimming is restructuring its national championships calendar to place more emphasis on the long course season. In the SWIM portion of the magazine you will find the following:31 OLDER, BOLDER AND GOLDER by Wayne Goldsmith Senior swimmers are capable of achieving outstanding performances, and working with them as their coach is very rewarding. 34 HOW TO PREVENT SHOULDER INJURIES by Jennifer A. Moshak 36 SURVIVE AND THRIVE: Phil Dodson by P.H. Mullen 37 THE WORKOUT CARD: Kick Week Workouts In the Junior Swimmer portion of the magazine you will find the following:44 NATIONAL AGE GROUP RECORD SETTER: Ryan Murphy 46 SPEEDO AMERICAN RELAY 47 TYR AGE GROUP SWIMMER OF THE MONTH: Matt Barber Subscribe Now
Picture of December 2006
December 2006
Swimming World December 2006
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