Picture of December 2008 Issue

December 2008 Issue

December 2008 Issue of Swimming World Magazine


Contents of The December issue:3 TECH TIP: Straight Arm Recovery demonstrated by Aaron Peirsol 8 10 BEST PERFORMANCES OF 2008 by John Lohn 12 2008 WORLD BEST BY EVENT by Bob Ingram 14 WORLD SWIMMERS OF THE YEAR: Stephanie Rice and Michael Phelps 16 FEMALE AMERICAN SWIMMER OF THE YEAR: Natalie Coughlin 17 MALE PACIFIC RIM SWIMMER OF THE YEAR: Kosuke Kitajima 18 EUROPEAN SWIMMERS OF THE YEAR: Rebecca Adlington and Alain Bernard 20 AFRICAN SWIMMERS OF THE YEAR: Kirsty Coventry and Ous Mellouli 22 OPEN WATER SWIMMERS OF THE YEAR: Larisa Ilchenko and Maarten van der Weijden 24 SYNCHRONIZED SWIMMERS OF THE YEAR: Anastasia Davydova and Anastasia Ermakova 26 WATER POLO PLAYERS OF THE YEAR: Danielle de Bruijn and Peter Biros 28 DIVERS OF THE YEAR: Guo Jingjing and He Chong 30 DISABLED SWIMMERS OF THE YEAR: Natalie du Toit and Matthew Cowdrey 52 LONG COURSE RECORDS 55 WORLD AND AMERICAN RECORD PROGRESSION DEPARTMENTS: 6 A VOICE for the SPORT 32 HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE 50 FOR THE RECORD 59 CALENDAR 62 PARTING SHOT In the Swimming Technique portion of the magazine you will find the following:40 Q&A WITH COACH GLENN NEUFELD by Michael J. Stott 42 HOW THEY TRAIN: Evan Reed by Michael J. Stott In the SWIM portion of the magazine you will find the following:35 THE POOL’S EDGE, PRESENTED BY VIEW: Swimming Pool Blues by Karlyn Pipes-Neilsen Here are seven suggestions to help you keep fit and beat the winter blues. 38 DRYSIDE TRAINING: Dryland Tips for Better Backstroke by J.R. Rosania In the Junior Swimmer portion of the magazine you will find the following:45 SPEEDO AMERICAN RELAY by Judy Jacob 46 TYR AGE GROUP SWIMMER OF THE MONTH: Barbara Caraballo 47 GOLDMINDS: 20 Things to Do Now if You Want to Win Gold at the London 2012 Olympic Games by Wayne Goldsmith 

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Picture of December 2008
December 2008
December 2008 issue of Swimming World Magazine
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