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December 2012 Issue

December 2012 Issue of Swimming World Magazine

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Table Of Contents 

8 World and Regional SwimmersProduct variants of the Year

    by Shoshanna Rutemiller and Jeff Commings

16 Diving, Water Polo, Synchronized Swimming &

    Disabled Swimming Award Winners

18 10 Best Performances of 2012 by John Lohn

20 Dryside Training: Holiday Tune-up

     by J.R. Rosania

22 The Pool’s Edge: Freestyle Pop Quiz

      by Karlyn Pipes-Neilsen 

28 Q&A with Coach Bryan Dedeaux

     by Michael J. Stott

31 Water Polo as Cross-Training by Michael J. Stott

    Swimming and water polo should be working together

    to get more kids excited about being in the pool. 

33 American Relay by Judy Jacob

34 TYR Age Group Swimmer of the Month

    by Judy Jacob

41 World & American Record Progressions

    by Jason Marsteller

44 A Final Tribute by John LohN

    As we prepare for the calendar to flip to 2013, thus officially

    closing the door on the last year of the Michael

    Phelps era, it seems appropriate to bid farewell one more

    time to the greatest swimmer the sport has ever known.


6 A Voice for the Sport

23 Holiday Gift Guide

36 Lane 9/Gutter Talk

39 For the Record

43 Calendar

46 Parting Shot

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