Picture of September 2012 issue

September 2012 issue

September 2012 issue

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8 2012 London Olympics:

As Good as it Gets by John Lohn


13 On the Verge of a Dynasty

by Jeff Commings

The Baylor School girls won their third national

high school title in the last four years.


18 By the Slimmest of Margins

by Jason Marsteller

The Bolles School boys won their second

national high school team title in the last three

years by a half point over New Trier.


22 Nutrition Choices of the Stars

by Jeff Commings

This is the third of a three-part series on

nutrition choices by some of swimming’s elite

athletes. This month’s focus: nutrition postworkout.


24 Dryside Training: “Tri” It, You’ll Like It

by J.R. Rosania


27 Q&A with Coach Phillip Davis

by Michael J. Stott


31 How They Train: Mark Rubin

by Michael J. Stott


32 American Relay by Judy Jacob


33 TYR Age Group Swimmer

of the Month



6 A Voice for the Sport

35 For the Record

37 NISCA All-America

43 Calendar

46 Parting Shot

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