Picture of …AND THEN THEY WON GOLD: Stepping Stones to Swimming Excellence Vol I

…AND THEN THEY WON GOLD: Stepping Stones to Swimming Excellence Vol I

“Want to know how to make an olympic champion? Start here…”

…AND THEN THEY WON GOLD: Stepping Stones to Swimming Excellence


“…We can all; parents, athletes, coaches and fans, learn from these riveting accounts of greatness.”

 Teri McKeever - 2012 USA Head Coach Women’s Swimming, Head Coach Cal Berkeley 2011 & 2012 NCAA Champions


“Want to know how to make an Olympic Champion?  Start here…”

Tim Welsh – Head Coach Notre Dame University Men, Former President ASCA


“Captivating!  Once I started reading, I couldn't put the book down…”

Lisa Baumann - AquaFit Masters Founder/Head Coach, Metropolitan LMSC Swimming President


"One of the most difficult things to understand in modern swimming is the difference between "what they do as mature swimmers" and "what they did as age groupers to get there". Coach Warner does a spectacular job of creating that differential understanding…”

John Leonard - Executive Director, American Swimming Coaches Association and The World Swimming Coaches Association.


“Chuck Warner has picked up the mantle of "America's Swimming Historian" from Coach Peter Daland…

 George Block - CEO Haven For Hope, President World Swim Coaches Association


“With his latest book, …And Then They Won Gold, coach and author Chuck Warner solidifies his position as the John C. Maxwell and Malcolm Gladwell of Swimming, by explaining success and emphasizing the importance of the idea that Talent alone is never enough.” 

Bruce Wigo - Chief Executive Director, International Swimming Hall of Fame


“When you read Chuck Warner’s …And Then They Won Gold”, you immediately become immersed in the lives of 8 great Olympic Champions.  There is attention to detail that the swimmer or coach can use as a framework for effective training.  More importantly, there are broad themes of motivation, discipline, leadership … that transcend the sport of swimming and provide a recipe of success for coaches, athletes and parents, regardless of the sport.  Congratulations to Chuck Warner for writing this thoughtful and motivational book.” 

Ben Bucca, Jr. - Women's Tennis Coach, Rutgers University


“…And Then They Won Gold offers a unique insight into the personal journey and growth of some of the United States most decorated swimmers. Chuck chronicles the path of individuals to Olympic greatness while enabling the reader to connect with the human side of great Olympians.”                                                                 

Frank Busch - USA National Swim Team Director


"It is important to have the facts as we analyse, interpret and learn from the past and use it for the future. This, meticulously, Chuck Warner has made possible with his painstaking research. The swimming community owes him a hearty vote of thanks for what he has found for us."

Forbes Carlisle Owner Carlisle Swimming & Swim Schools, Sydney, Australia, 1976 Inducted into International Swimming Hall of Fame


"I love the way Warner has brought these amazing stories to life - stories replete with colorful character portraits, psychological insights and rivalries from our greatest swimmers of all time.  This should be required reading for swimmers of all ages hoping to attain their goals!"

Kristin Gary -Masters World Record Holder, Executive Director Trident Swim Foundation


“Parents, coaches, swimmers and fans all crave information on this great sport of ours. Knowledge is power! What better way to absorb knowledge than learn from the greats. Chuck painstakingly shares the stories of many great champions. We become engrossed in their incredible journeys that will not only motivate future competitors but educate and entertain parents and fans… Well done Chuck!”

Laurie Lawrence - Six Time Australian Olympic Swimming Coach/Advisor

Owner, Laurie Lawrence Swim School, 1996 Inducted into the International Swimming Hall of Fame


“…And Then They Won Gold opens up a coach’s eyes to view and see things a bit differently. It is great for new coaches and swimmers as well as the ones who have been around forever:)”

Kate Lundsten - Head Coach Aqua Jets Swim Team, Minnesota


“We have a great deal to learn from the history and tradition of our sport. This much needed and well written book serves the dual purpose of providing well deserved recognition for our champions of the past, and motivating our champions of the future. The building blocks of success are clearly delineated in an entertaining and inspiring way through the personal stories of these past champions. Thank you Chuck Warner for this invaluable contribution to our sport and the values it promotes.”

Denny Pursley - Great Britain National Team Director


“…And then they Won Gold is the type of reading that is good not only for athletes but especially for the support cast.  It can aid family members, age group coaches, senior coaches and associated friends with exactly how many factors contribute to the athletes’ success.

This should be required reading for swimmers who have these lofty goals.  It will help ground them and allow them to prepare better.”

Gregg Troy - 2012 Head Coach USA Men’s Olympic Team, Head Coach University of Florida 2010 NCAA Champions


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