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Boycott: Stolen Dreams of the 1980 Moscow Olympic Games

Swimmers Craig Beardsley, Lisa Buese, Glenn Mills and Sue Walsh, all members of the 1980 U.S. Olympic Swim Team, are among 18 American athletes denied the opportunity to compete in the boycotted 1980 Olympic Games.

Breakthrough Swimming by Cecil Colwin

Never before has one book taken such a comprehensive look at the evolution, science, and coaching application of competitive swimming.

Championship Swim Training By Bill Sweetenham & John Atkinson

Whether you’re a coach looking to build or supplement your program or a swimmer seeking to improve your technique and time, you’ll benefit from swim coaching legend Bill Sweetenham’s proven methods for improving performance.

Contested Waters By Jeff Wiltse / UNC Press

A social and cultural history of swimming pools in the United States.

Dara Torres: Age is Just a Number

In Age Is Just a Number, Dara Torres reveals how the dream of an Olympic comeback in 2008 first came to her — when she was months into her first hard-won pregnancy.

Dara Torres: Gold Medal Fitness By Dara Torres

Dara Torres has been to the Olympics five times, she's won twelve medals, and now, at the age of 42, she still competes with girls half her age and is one of the most celebrated swimmers of all time.

Developing Swimmers By Michael Brooks

Developing Swimmers is the only book to offer a comprehensive, long-term plan beginning at an age-group level.

Dover Solo - Swimming the English Channel By Marcia Cleveland

Dover Solo is more than a "how-to-swim the Channel," or a memoir. It's a compelling look at one swimmer's determination to accomplish a major life goal without sacrificing marriage, career, or friends. 1999, 176 pages.

Endurance Sports Nutrition 2nd Edition By Suzanne Girard Eberle

Find your endurance advantage in the foods you eat. Endurance Sports Nutrition will help you select the best foods, fluids, and supplements to train longer, recover more quickly, avoid injuries, and achieve your performance goals in any endurance endeavor.

Exercise Technique Manual for Resistance Training-2nd Edition

Beefed up from 38 to 57 exercises, this new edition of Exercise Technique Manual for Resistance Training is a must for any professional library.

Guide For Competitive Swimmers By Gene & Mary Damm

A simple, easy to ready handbook for competitive swimmers.

History of Open-Water Marathon Swimming By Tim Johnson

The History of Open-Water Marathon Swimming by Captain Tim Johnson, a registered professional engineer and licensed boat captain, covers swimming from the perspective of an active participant in the organization of the Manhattan Island marathon swim.

How Lance Does It By Brad Kearns

Learn the four "success factors" that have made Lance a symbol of remarkable strength and achievement.

In Fitness and in Health By Philip B. Maffetone

Consultant to great athletes like Mark Allen and Mike Pigg, Maffetone gives advice on what kind of food, exercise and nutrition you need to be optimally fit and healthy for the rest of your life.

In the Water They Can't See You Cry

In this candid and ultimately uplifting memoir, Olympic medalist Amanda Beard reveals the truth about coming of age in the spotlight, the demons she battled along the way, and the newfound happiness that has proved to be her greatest victory.

Janet Evans' Total Swimming By Janet Evans

Improve your fitness level, achieve your swimming goals, and maximize your workouts with the help of four-time Olympic gold medalist Janet Evans!

Mastering Swimming By Jim Montgomery and Mo Chambers

Trim seconds off your time, train more efficiently, or simply maximize your fitness workouts with Mastering Swimming.

Mastering the Zone: The Next Step in Achieving SuperHealth and Permanent Fat Loss

Everyone from Madonna to Howard Stern to the cast of Baywatch is in "the Zone" -- and now "Zone"-favorable cuisine is tastier than ever!

Michael Phelps: The Untold Story of a Champion By Bob Schaller

The inside story of Michael Phelps journey to Olympic immortality.

Open Water Swimming By Steven Munatones

Open water swimming expert Steve Munatones shares his insights and expertise in open-water events.

Open Water Swimming: Lessons from Alcatraz

This informative and entertaining book contains a wealth of information about swimming from Alcatraz as well as in-depth information about the essential skills, techniques and fundamentals critical to safe and successful open water swimming.

Overachiever's Diary by Louis Tharp and Brett Wiggins

Overachiever's Diary chronicles the Army Triathlon team's swimming journey.

Peak Fitness for Women By Paula Newby-Fraser with John M. Mora

Go beyond the basics of training with Pauly Newby-Fraser's Peak Fitness for Women!

Sculpting Her Body Perfect Second Edition By Brad Schoenfield

Have you been working out but not getting the results you desire? If you’re seeking improved muscle tone, a slim physique, or toning of specific problem areas, Sculpting Her Body Perfect will help you create your ideal body shape.

Strength Training for Faster Swimming

In order to enhance your performance, swimming alone is not enough. Effective strength training is crucial if you want to improve your swimming times.

Stretching Anatomy

Your illustrated guide to improving flexibility and muscular strength.

Swimmers Guide By Bill Haverland & Tom Saunders

The most complete source of places to swim!

Swimming Fastest By Ernest Maglischo

Author Ernest Maglischo reveals the science behind the training principles that led his teams to 13 NCAA national championships at the Division II level and 19 conference championships.

Swimming for Parents By Gary Barclay

In Swimming for Parents, Gary Barclay offers everything to enable parents to assist their children to excel in the sport of swimming and in life.

Swimming: Coming of Age

Especially for PARENTS and CHILDREN.

Tapering and Peaking for Optimal Performance By Inigo Mujika

Sixteen of the world's best athletes and coaches contributed their knowledge to this first-ever book on the science of tapering, written by Inigo Mujika, one of the foremost researchers on tapering in sport.

The Strength Training Anatomy Workout II

The anatomy of strength, size, and definition!

The Triathlete's Training Diary by Joe Friel

Endurance athletes of all ages and ability levels invest countless hours in tough rides and workouts so they can race farther and faster from year to year.

The Underwater Window

Two swimmers, close friends and archrivals, chase after the same Olympic gold medal.

The Woman Triathlete By Christina Gandolfo/Human Kinetics

Polish your technique and fine-tune your training. The Woman Triathlete is the sport’s premier resource, customized to meet your specific needs.

Weight Training Steps to Success

Take the guesswork out of strength training and understand the details of proper exercise technique, weight loads, and reps.

100 Best Swimming Drills

Drill practice is a swimmer's primary tool in developing better stroke technique. Drills allow a swimmer to concentrate on a single aspect of a stroke at one time.

Strength Ball Training Second Edition By Lorne Goldenberg & Peter Twist

Develop strength, power, coordination, balance, and core stability using the medicine ball and stability ball exercises included in Strength Ball Training.

Gold Medal Nutrition

Expanded and updated, the popular Gold Medal Nutrition is back and more relevant to athletes than ever.

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